Google Nik Collection is a free software. Nik Collection includes “HDR Efex Pro”, my favorite.

It works standalone. But its value will be increased if combined with Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.

“HDR” shooting is common now.

HDR is a technique to dramatically improve the dynamic range of image by shooting and synthesizing pictures of several exposures(three or more in general).
You can easily shoot source images by using “exposure bracket” shooting.

Yes, you can get source easily.
Next, how to create HDR?

Not using HDR

First example. I tuned colors and contrast.

Non HDR, tuned saturation and contrast.

I think this image is saturated at highlights and shadows.
So HDR is needed.

HDR With Adobe Lightroom

Next, I use Adobe Lightroom standard HDR function.

Lightroom HDR (non processed)

Oh…. It’s not fun.
I need more color, more contrast. So I tuned it.

Lightroom HDR

Uh.. I need more redness.
Lightroom standard HDR function is difficult to create pop color.

With HDR Efex Pro from Google Nik Collection

“HDR Efex Pro” is bundled with Google Nik Collection.
You Lightroom users can use it simple. All you have to do is choose some photos, export them to “HDR Efex Pro” and select effects and you can get HDR image… like this.

HDR by HDR Efex Pro 2

Yeah! This is the HDR I imagined!
Its easy, simple, powerful and free!


I love “HDR Efex Pro” bundled with Google Nik Collection.
If you’re an Adobe Lightroom user, I strongly recommend you should download and install it.

Creating HDR image is easy nowadays. If you have not tried it, I recommend you have to try.
Ready for HDR is simple. Take photo with “exposure bracket” mode.

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